City Tours

There is a lot to see and experience in the cities of the UAE. Even though it a small country, every emirate is unique with its own culture and heritage. From Abu Dhabi to Ras al Khaimah and Fujairah the landscape and the city keep evolving from arid oil fields to lush green farmlands. Every city has something new to offer.


Dubai City Tour

Visit all the major landmarks in Dub...

  • Dubai
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Abu Dhabi City Tour

A trip to the capital city

  • Dubai
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Sharjah City Tour

Exciting Sharjah city bus tour

  • Dubai
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East Coast City Tour

Fujairah bus tour- city and heritage...

  • Dubai
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Al Ain City Tour

Visit the garden city of UAE

  • Dubai
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A city tour through all of the seven emirates will help you explore the architecture and tourist spots in every place. But there is no single tour to visit the whole of the UAE. You will have to visit every place separately. Luckily, there are many tour packages to these destinations. 

Travel around the capital city of the UAE with an Abu Dhabi city tour. Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate by area. It is triple the size of all the other emirates combined. But a vast majority of it is just empty desert. Therefore in an Abu Dhabi city tour, you are really exploring the main seaside metropolis. Its cityscape is unique as you can see that every bit of it was preplanned with wide and clean streets. There are some amazing architectures in the city like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace hotel, and the presidential palace. Ferrari World theme park on Yas Island which houses the fastest roller coaster is also the first ever Ferrari branded theme park in the world. 

Dubai is the most exotic city in the Middle East and the trading hub of the region. There are countless places to visit here. Every year Dubai unveils even more wonderful things. It is impossible for a person visiting Dubai to see all of them in a few days. This is especially true for tourists who are here for a short visit. A city tour takes you to all the major attractions in Dubai with a guided so that you can enjoy every place at their best. Sights like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Island, and Marina are popular among tourists.

Al Ain was home to the ruling family of Abu Dhabi. The current president of the UAE was born in Qasr Al Muwaiji situated in Al Ain. Al Ain also boasts places with stunning natural vistas like Jabel Hafeet and Green Mubazzarah. Near Jabel Hafeet, archeological sites consisting of ancient tombs dating back to 3,200 BC have been unearthed. These sites point to the presence of human inhabitation in the region 8000 years ago. The lush green landscape of Al Ain and availability of groundwater makes this place suitable for trips in summers. The camel market is a throwback to old Arabic traditions and a stark contrast against the city life.

Sharjah city tour is a dive into the Islamic cultural capital of the UAE. Even though modern times have changed the lifestyle of much of the region, Sharjah, by and large, has preserved its cultural identity. Sharjah is a city of mosques and museums. Museum of Islamic civilization, Arts Museum, Maritime Museum, and Vintage car museum are just a few of them. King Faisal mosque is the biggest mosque in Sharjah, which is famous for its simplistic elegance. The Blue Souk is another impressive landmark and a major shopping hub in the city.

The East coast is different from all other places in the country. They are full of green vegetation and fantastic waterways lined by Hajjar mountains. Dibba, Khor Fakkan, Kalba, and Masafi are frequented by visitors all year round. Clean beaches and coral reefs make the place suitable for water sports like paddling and kayaking. Other more adventurous activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and speed boating are also fancied here. Fujairah fort and museum add to the historic significance of the East coast.

A city tour is for everyone who wants to know more about the UAE. It takes you around to experience the culture, heritage, and fun in the major cities.