Dhow Cruise

A Dhow is a traditional Arabic wooden boat native to the UAE. For centuries, Dhows were the lifeline for the region. They were used for pearl diving and carrying goods to and from the ports. Dubai’s economy has now moved away from pearls and large container ships have replaced Dhows for haulage. Today Dhows are used as floating restaurants mainly in Marina and Creek.


Dubai Water Canal Dhow Cruis...

Dubai Water Canal Dhow Cruise

  • Dubai
AED200from AED 100.00  

Dhow Cruise Marina

Dinner in the poshest neighborhood o...

  • Dubai
AED175from AED 85.00  

Dhow Cruise Creek

Dinner in the historical part of Dub...

  • Dubai
AED65from AED 39.00  

Yacht Brunch Cruise Marina

4-hour brunch cruise in Marina.

  • Dubai
AED350from AED 199.00  

Sunset Dinner Cruise Marina

2-hour cruise with dinner in Marina.

  • Dubai
AED175from AED 90.00  

Yacht Dinner Cruise Marina

2-hour dinner cruise on the Mega Yac...

  • Dubai
AED250from AED 150.00  

Some of the present day Dhows are the old ones repurposed whereas some others are purpose-built for tourist cruises. A Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai is the favorite leisure activity for both tourists and residents. It’s a more upscale experience than any indoor dining in the town.

Marina and Creek are the two opposite ends of a spectrum. Marina is a modern planned city full of explicit display of richness everywhere. Marina canal is a completely man-made canal stretching three kilometers across along Arabian Gulf. A Marina dinner cruise lets you witness the ultimate pomp and glamour of Dubai — the view is just stunning. 

Creek has been there for millions of years, albeit the expansion in the 2000s. It provided a natural harbor for Dubai and aided in its growth as a trading hub. Creek is where Dubai began many decades ago. Historically, Creek divided Dubai between Deira and Bur Dubai. And all the early developments in Dubai were centered around this region, even as early as the early 1800s. Therefore, Creekside remains historically significant.

A Dhow Cruise through the creek is reminiscent of the past of Dubai. Either side of the creek presents the people on board with a refreshing vista of heritage sites and mid-1900s glory — a mixture of modern and the old. Bastakiya, Gold Souq, Dubai museum, and Abra boats that still ferry passengers across Creek are a sight to behold. 

The cost of Dhow cruises is different for Creek and Marina. You will find that they are cheaper at Creek compared to Marina. It is because Marina is the newer part of Dubai. The difference is also reflected in the cruise experience too. Dhow cruise dinner is the perfect way to give a treat to your friends and family. It’s also preferred for office parties, get-togethers, and special events. You can book seats as per your need; single or group, or they can be reserved entirely for private events like weddings and parties.

The lower deck of the boat is air-conditioned, and the top deck is al fresco. The upper deck is better for enjoying the sea breeze and the view, whereas you might want to opt for the air-conditioned deck if you are worried about the summer heat.

Dhow cruise dinner takes eat outs to a whole new level with live entertainment, five-star buffet, and unmatched ambiance. A two-hour trip fills the tummies and hearts alike. It is for those who are done with normal eat outs and want something more than just the food. For tourists who are new to Dubai and wants to explore the city find it as a convenient and economical option to see the cityscape up close with dinner and traditional folk performances — three birds with one stone.  

The performances on Dhow Cruise range from Tanoura dance to live music and magic shows depending on the Dhow operator. Tanoura is a dance form native to Egypt which is performed by men. The dancer rocks a colorful flowing skirt which forms interesting shapes as the dancer starts twirling. Tanoura dancers do not feel dizzy or vertigo even after prolonged rotation.

Unlike yachts, there is no onboard cooking in Dhows. Dhow cruises are more like restaurants where pre-cooked food is served. But it stands out with fantastic views and aura that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Gift your friends and family with an evening that they can cherish in their memories forever.