Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari is a trip to the heart of Dubai’s desert to see and explore it up close. A trip packed with adventure and entertainment, the ideal way to explore the emirate away from all the glitzy city life is to go on a safari trip to the sands. It lets you see the reminiscent of the region's past before all the glamour and affluence changed Dubai forever. 


Premium Desert Safari

The complete desert safari

  • Dubai
AED216from AED 79.00  

Budget Desert Safari

Most affordable safari for you.

  • Dubai
AED120from AED 50.00  

Self-Drive Desert Safari

Enjoy the Dinner in Desert Camp

  • Lehbab Desert Dubai
AED70from AED 30.00  

Private Land Cruiser Safari

Book an exclusive 4x4 desert safari.

  • Dubai
AED1500from AED 700.00  

Luxury Desert Safari

Adventure and heritage trip to the d...

  • Dubai
AED220from AED 81.00  

Economy Desert Safari

An affordable Desert Safari

  • Dubai
AED100from AED 52.00  

Morning Desert Safari

Thrilling adventure under the mornin...

  • Dubai
AED900from AED 600.00  

Overnight Desert Safari

Ultimate desert night experience

  • Dubai
AED210from AED 130.00  

Desert safari trip comes with a heart-thumping dune bashing drive over the sands, camp activities, dinner, and fun; like camel ride, falconry, quad biking, and what not. Desert safari trip offers a throwback to the history of the UAE with a blend of traditional culture and thrill. Heritage experience culminates at the Bedouin desert camp. The campsites give you a taste of the Arabian life in past centuries. 

Desert sand is clean and fine with crushed shells and corals. It’s also loose and dry and full of magical surprises. With every step on the sand, your feet sink into it, making it difficult to walk. ATV quad bikes are kings when it comes to traversing on the sand. Although not quite traditional, Quad biking adds to the delight. They do take some time to master if you are riding it for the first time, though. But as you get used to steering them, spin them however you want.

Dune bashing ride takes you over massive dunes at incredible speeds in a 4x4 vehicle. Riding cars over dunes requires a flat tire. That’s very ironic, right? They usually last for half an hour with a few breaks in between to allow the engines to cool down and for taking pictures. It also depends on the desert safari package you choose. Some safari options like Budget safaris offer shorter dune bashing ride. Red dunes of Lehbab desert are the most sought after for dune bashing. 

The campsite modeled after traditional Bedouin camps is the place to witness the lost heritage of Dubai. You can dress up the good old Emirati way and pose for pictures, get a henna tattoo, smoke shisha (colloquially known as Hubbly Bubbly), and ride on a camel. Because it is difficult to walk in the desert, camels had been used as the mode of transport before the advent of motorized vehicles. However, for safari packages like morning desert safari, there will be no camp activities. But you still get everything else, though.

It won't be an overstatement if it’s said that falcons and Emirati culture are entwined. You realize the extent of it when there are whole hospitals dedicated to the care of falcons and that the falcon is the national bird of UAE. You can hold a falcon and take pictures with them at the desert camp. 

Safari is not just for the desert. Safari packages to Hatta mountains, where there are green vegetation and rocky hills are also quite popular. Wadi bashing in the dried up rivers of Hatta is a one of a kind. This safari also includes a visit to interesting places like Heritage village, natural pools formed in the depressions on mountain tops, and Hatta dam, the only dam in Dubai.

Evening desert safari includes dinner packages. The dinner menu and cuisine vary across the tour companies. Generally, they include a barbecue buffet with a wide range of dishes serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

After the sunset, camp activities come to life with live Arabic folk performances and sumptuous dinner. Evening desert safaris usually last for six to seven hours and ends around 9 o’clock at night. Desert safari is a must go if you are in Dubai. It helps you see and understand the often forgotten heritage of the land and also for the nail-biting adventures that it has to offer.