Yacht Charter

Yachts have always been extravagant. That’s why celebrities and wealthy around the world fancy one because they can afford to own a yacht. Many others yearned to live their dream of cruising on a yacht. Buying a yacht is not for everyone, though. They are million dollar vessels with every detail of them boasting luxury. But anyone of you can rent a yacht, and especially so in Dubai, the ultimate destination for a yachter.


Sunset Yacht Cruise

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Luxury Private Yacht Charter

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The picturesque waterways of Dubai have become a haven for luxury yacht rental. Rent an exquisite boat for parties, events, fishing trips, or even a leisurely cruise through Marina canal and Palm Island.

A yacht charter trip lets you explore the major seaside landmarks of Dubai in style from the deck. The yacht cruises through the Marina canal and circles around Palm Island. Some trips go inside the lagoons of Palm Island. You can jump into the water and swim and snorkel. Atlantis - The Palm and Burj Al Arab are built to be beheld from the sea. They both face the sea and extends out into it. Not just that, the whole Marina is a treat to those who cruise on a yacht through the canal. 

Yachts are a popular venue for exclusive events like weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, and get-togethers. Customizability is the main attraction of hosting a party on a yacht. You can personalize the decorations and ambiance inside the yacht to fit the mood of the event and also order the food you like. Some have extensive floor areas and onboard swimming pools and jacuzzis. Look for spacious saloons, dedicated entertainment rooms, and cinemas if you want those.

When you are looking to charter a yacht, choose the one that fits all of your guests. Capacities of yachts range from 10 persons to a whopping 800 guests at a time for some mega yachts. Size of the crew and the number of captains also depend on those factors. Large boats will have two captains and a larger crew, while smaller boats have one captain and a crew of one or two. Choose the cruising hours that will suit your type of guests to give them maximum enjoyment.

Yachts are not just for celebrations, though. People go for fishing cruises, sunset cruises and sightseeing cruises on yachts. For these cruises, the route depends on the hours you charter. More hours give you enough time to enjoy the view and to cover the entire length of Marina canal and the route around Palm Island. Choose hours such that you get time to swim in the water and savor the delicious food.

Fishing cruises are best for those who like to make their cruise fun with deep sea fishing. Choose to go on a fishing cruise if you have kids with you because they will love it the most. Yachts are equipped with all the necessary fishing gears and crew members who can guide you on getting a good catch. You can cook the fish you have caught and have them on board. Eating your catch will be more toothsome than any other meal money can buy.

Sunset cruises take you on a cruise to witness the sun gliding down the horizon. Sunset cruises have a completely different ambiance as compared to morning trips. The cruise begins sometime before the sunset and takes you to open ocean where the sea is calm to witness the changing hues of the evening sky. 

If you want an adventurous boating experience, catamarans are your go-to boats. Catamarans are sailed boats with twin hulls parallel to each other. They are known for their spaciousness with simple and elegant design. Because they are not motorized boats, they can provide an authentic sailing experience. 

Definitely go for a thrilling cruise on a yacht if you ever come to Dubai. The city’s incredible night sky and beaches lure fun-loving hearts even from the other side of the planet.